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Considerations on blogging for children

Thomas was featured on a Blog and Panorama, a weekly news magazine in ItalyIt was an evening like many others after a day of intense work and a moment of relax at the gym. With Thomas we have a ritual, every evening we take a look at the statistics of his blog. He’s been blogging since end of April. Last night I noticed an external link coming in from a blog – it was from blogosfere featuring a post with the screenshot of Tommy blog ! I just couldn’t believe it.

Blogosfere learned about the blog from Panorama – at page 24 of this week between an article on Bill Gates and on on bullies, there are a few lines on the baby blogger Thomas Achille who was in 2 minds about buying himself a WII or a new LCD monitor and was asking for advice.

Well I thought there would be more children making their first experience with blogs and blogging but I can see I was wrong. In Technorati a search for children bloggers only Thomas showed up, although I know there are many young ones out there in the world, even younger than Thomas and probably doing a better job.

Leaving aside my satisfaction I have noticed Thomas is (almost always) careful about the way he writes, and thinks about what his next post is going to be about. He has his (little) responsibility.

Thomas is a big talker – one that you throw out the front door and will crawl back through your window, one who doesn’t take no for an answer if he wants a yes.

It’s a real pleasure to watch children learn – they are fast and intuitive, no mental barriers or political stands: if they take a liking, it’s a game and become very passionate about it.

To be honest, I really hope he continues.

I’ve heard contrasting opinions on exposure of children to computers and computer technology – what do you think about it ?


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  1. This is pretty interesting. I have a 4 year old daughter and we play games and visit learning sites all the time. I never thought about letting her blog when she gets ole enough to type. Your post certainly gives me something to think about.

    Also, just FYI, the formatting is off on this comment section. I’m using Firefox and it looks like everything is shifting to the right over onto the sidebar. BTW, I found your site through Coutney’s D-List.

    Thanks again for making me think!


  2. Thomas began to show an interest just a few months ago. It all happened quickly and naturally. It might work out the same for you. Here’s a tip: i she does want to start, make he do it on her own domain name and not on a free blogging platform. One day, if she really develops a liking and passion for blogging, she’ll want to move on to a more robust and performing platform and then she’ll be faced with the problem of migrating years of online presence and that will be a BIG problem.

    On the other hand, setting up a domain name with a WordPress blogging platform is a minor expense you can look at as an investment in her education and future 😉

  3. Wow, amazing! I don’t have a child yet but I’ll be proud if my child will be like your Thomas. I don’t thing that exposure to computer technology of children is bad as long as they are guided and as long as in their young age, they are being taught of what is bad and good with the computer technology. Well, with your Thomas, I am really amazed with him. Personally, I don’t think it is bad for him. Just guide him though.