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Happy Birthday to Sante’s Blog

Happy Birthday to me ! My Blog is 1Happy birthday to Sante’s Blog. That’s me with my bottle out in cold just over 1 year old. At that age there’s so much to learn, so much to understand, everything was new. Mom and dad were there to protect and look after me. At night there was always someone there for a bed time story where they all lived happily ever after and that made me feel good, falling asleep with a smile on my face.

It takes us so long to grow up and become mature adults – things are so different here online where everything changes on a day by day basis.

Feeds produce more information that we can manage, online presence plays a vital role in the life of every industry.

I relate to this photo because this is the way I felt when I started blogging, unsure about what was beyond the hill, yet curious to explore and learn. I read many books on blogging and got started some time last march – 1 year ago.

A lot of hard work, a challenge to find the time to blog, post after post, feeling my way around the blogosphere, listing to conversations, participating when and where I found it appropriate.

The way I see it, blogging is rewarding and addictive.

There are a few considerations I’d like to share with you about blogs and blogging:

  • Blogs are like dogs – they look (and sound) like their owners
  • Bloggers often don’t practice what they preach
  • Be yourself, don’t shout or use fowl language because you see others use it – there are people out there that will appreciate your approach and spread your word because they like your approach
  • You can make a difference with your blog if you speak to your kind of people
  • Blogging has good days and bad ones – accept things just as they come and publish all comments as they arrive, no matter how harsh they may seem

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  1. Ted Demopoulos

    Happy Birthday Sante’s Blog!