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Blogging: an investment or waste of time ?

Is Blogging a waste of time ?Sharing experience and exchanging points of view are the most interesting aspects of Social Networking, in particular blogs and blogging. If you’ve been online and active in this arena you know just how difficult it can be to balance work, family and networking – from time to time I find myself literally lost in the amount of work to do and I panic – I just can’t get everything done in the timely fashion I would like to.

I’m sure many of you reading can relate to this feeling of being overwhelmed from and you ask yourself if blogs, and blogging are really worth the effort.

Ina recent post, Robert Bly (Bly’s theory of blogging) makes a few points in a controversial fashion about time spent blogging:

  “Personal productivity is inversely proportional to time spent blogging.”

Is blogging fun? Yes.

Intellectually stimulating? Can be.

Useful? Opinions vary . …

Yes opinions may vary significantly.

If you are famous and swamped with work then blogging is an optional you can do without – if you’re blogging you’re not working thus loosing money. You don’t need to network if you have people knocking at you door at all times of day and night.

But let’s say that you’re not that famous and you wish to establish your online presence – you can’t do without a blog or other kinds of social networking.

Yesterday I was on the phone with a Prospect discussing a preliminary proposal – we went on to some small talk and I asked how he had decided to approach me.

His decision was based on the relationship he had built over time reading my blog. I discovered how close our views and approaches to business were.

He said that he could see I am a small business but with a very personal touch and he liked that, preferring this approach to Companies which appear commercial rather than technical.

When you choose a business partner there are 2 important factors:

  • Reputation
  • Affinity

A good reputation is the conditio sine qua non you’ll consider a Company or a Professional to work for you, affinity is the driver that builds communities of people with the same views and approach to business (or life for that matter …)

So …

  • Blog and blog as much as you can – it’s an investment in your future as an online business
  • Be yourself and you’ll create a community of readers that hare your views and approach to business – sooner or later they’ll knock on your doorstep asking for help

I wonder what Robert would have to say about this approach … but I’ll probably never know – it would be a waste of time to leave a comment …

13 Replies

  1. mary tempesta

    I know exactly where you’re coming from!
    I’m only doing preliminary work setting up my blog..learning about feeds, tags etc.
    it’s amazing how much time flies when you’re sitting at the computer.
    Somone should invent longer days!
    Signed: Mary ( Sante’s wife)

  2. (of course she knows … guess who’s teaching her ? )

  3. Daniel

    for me, blogging is like giving vent to my creative emotions. not a waste of time for me.

  4. For me blogging is another way of expressing your thoughts.

  5. pool tile

    waste of time for some
    investment for some
    pasion for most
    blogging rocks!!!!!

  6. I consider blogging as a Passion not an Investment and I bet there may be Many people Who think like i do :D. Bloggin is simply the easiest platform to express your views and Share Knowledge.. 🙂

  7. Well actually for me, blogging is being able to say what I want to and share my opinions with others. So I must say that it’s definitely not a waste of time.

    -M from Mexico

  8. Nice blog! I think blogging is good and fun. I’m now trying to improve my blog now. It’s fun and interesting.

  9. Website Design Midlands

    Blogging is really fun and for some its a good way of making money, and really useful for surfers, and a good source of information.
    I don’t think its a waste of time, but there are so many irrelevant and non-quality, useless blogs these days !!!

  10. fly2mallorca

    Blogging my hobby, its a means of distraction for me and moreover it makes me earn some extra bucks,which proves to be really useful to me. So its not a waste of time for me at all.

  11. If blogging was really a waste of time, would so many people waste their time.. there are millions of blogs and bloggers around the world. Its definitely not a waste of time guys!

  12. I love blogging and I also enjoy reading other peoples ideas about a variety of subjects. So I would certainly say blogging is NOT a waste of time.

  13. Like any other hobby, blogging has its own pros and cons. In a non-postmodern construct, we need to examine the purpose, use and impact of blogs and how they relate to the growth of an individual, whether financial, physical or emotional. If we concede to the fact that blogs are instruments or investments, then we must also assume that like stocks, there are potential risks and losses. Blogging pays off for some people but it may not for others…