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Blogs for hotels – the blogging business model in the travel industry

moring view of a hotel in tuscany the chianti countryside

I was in Tuscany for a 2 day meeting with a Client about web 2.0 and how to use blogs as an effective communications tool.

The discussions were lengthy and for the first time they were introduced to feeds, tagging, social networks, social bookmarking … they couldn’t take it anymore …

Early morning in Tuscany, in teh chianti countryside while visiting clients and talking about web 2.0

Hotels are always very busy. When it came to optimizing their web site they choose me back in 2001 and I took it from there. Today with blogs and web 2.0 we are looking at things from a totally new perspective – entertaining guests and engaging in a conversation, persuading users to choose us instead of our competitors. That’s something SEO knowledge alone cannot deliver.

Hotels are an integral part of the territorial network. Blogs should provide information and give that personal touch by reaching out and welcoming potential guests. here’s how:

  • Identify information portals and search engines on travel and tourism
  • Follow with great attention local events which may be of interest to those visiting your area
  • Set up RSS feeds to receive up to date information from those sites where syndication is possible
  • Relay that information to your potential guests in your blog
  • Provide general information about your hotel and set up a dedicated “last minute” category in the blog

uphill road with web 2.0 and blogs in the hotel and travel industryNow that things were pretty well established everything is changing once again – this the reaction. I understand them. This is what most small hotels in Italy and world wide will be facing.

This new model calls for a closer cooperation between web marketeers and hotels. It will be difficult to approach blogs and blogging from within … we did find a way forward.

Following my indications and written recommendations, they will start blogging soon.

The challenge is getting started. Blogging is addictive and once they start they’ll love it – at least this Client will. The problem is allocating time to this activity.

Blogging is like having children – it’s never the right time for a baby.