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Today I had a meeting in Rome with an independent investment banking partnership with offices in Rome and London. I was on my way to the RIMC and Andrea (a Partner) was seated next to me. It wasn’t long before were networking and exchanged business cards.

Surely enough, as a courtesy I knew would be appreciated, I sent a brief analysis of their web site and today we finally met in Rome.

It was a great meeting, the ones I call “no frills” where the discussion goes straight to the point. No BS.

Search Engine Optimization or Web Marketing strategies are not an issue for them at this point in time and perhaps never will be. What is important is to make themselves heard whenever necessary, to voice an opinion – off the cuff conversations.

A perfect application for blog.

Marco (another of 3 partners) will certainly be a top blogger. Creative and controversial with a direct approach, he will become a leader in the financial blogosphere.

Why did I mention creative ? Well because during the meeting and consequent conversation Marco presented me with a Prank Joke MEMO to all the staff he wrote not too long ago.

ATTENTION: the Prank Joke MEMO contains explicit fowl language you may find offensive – download and read at your own risk !

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