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Political Blogging: What do Blogs, a Comedian and Politics have in common ?

Blogs are the new Italian “piazza” where people hang out and discuss politics.

Beppe Grillo is a well known Italian comedian shunned from TV in the late 80’s, but always active in theaters throughout Italy. He started blogging early 2005 and rapidly built up a solid reputation, becoming one of the most influential blogs of the blogosphere.

Posting is frequent and based on facts and events that ordinary people bring to his attention on a daily basis. The recent political elections became a focal point of the blog when Grillo issued a “request for proposals: – what do you think the new government should do ?”

Proposals, requests, suggestions, and considerations on health care, energy, environment, and Information, were grouped and organized and presented by Grillo himself into the hands of the new Italian prime minister Romani Prodi yesterday: A community of active online citizens were able to reach out and directly represent their hopes and fears, requests and expectations of the new left wing government.

The distance between the people and politicians was suddenly somewhat “reduced” yesterday “…the almost infantile joy of the employee Prodi, was fully justified as he now has finally available to him, a true programme for Government and everyone present was truly moved” reports Grillo in a post that went live yesterday afternoon.

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  1. Well I think that every politician is a stand-up comedian, only thing is that, these stand-up comedians try best not to make people laugh.

    They are like blogs too, because most of the time, they tend to forget to update themselves! 😛