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Social Media and Blog Strategies for Hotels

Josiah Mackenzie Keynote on Social Media & Blogging Strategies for hotels

Josiah Mackenzie delivered a clean and essential keynote on how to integrate social media and blogging into the everyday life of a hotel with real life examples delivering value to the Client and revenue to the hotel.

Essential points underlined by Josiah:

  • The universe must revolve around Guest
  • Obsess over 1st impressions
  • Obsess over little things
  • Obsess over last impressions

Social Media and blogs should be there to:

  • help plan a journey/holiday/business trip
  • provide real time support during the journey/holiday/business trip
  • encourage people to talk about their experience: after the trip the focus is on sharing – you want them to do this online (Guestsourcing)

If you don’t differentiate you become a commodity

Why choose you instead of someone else if they are cheaper and you both appear identical?

The Challenge is to create “something” worth talking about telling friends on Facebook or twitter

And that means going far beyond creating a special offer to post on your website …

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  1. Jeff Singleton

    The blog and social networking strategies for marketing that Mr. Mackenzie outlines can be used for a variety of different markets. His insight into how these tools can be used in the hotel industry is helpful and should be applied by those wanting to create more market share for their organizations.