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Tweedeck for Twitter

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Twitter is gaining momentum day by day – at least this is the feeling I’m getting from where I sit and work every day. More and more people are gathering around Twitter, not just to tell others what they are doing but to exchange points of view, information, help each other out and do business …

This is a great application I have been using for a few days and it is literally changing the way I use Twitter – it’s called Tweetdeck .

Offering a range of typical personalizations, Tweetdesk integrates with seamlessly with TwitScoop offering a tag cloud of “what’s hot” on Twitter

Tweetdeck tag cloud

This is a screenshot of the tag cloud at the time of this writing.

I’ve also noticed that is is faster that Twhirl that i have been using. If you’re serious about using Twitter Tweetdeck is a great desktop application – it requires Adobe air.

Download and enjoy !

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12 Replies

  1. Twitter does seem to be getting more and more popular, but i still don’t see it ever becoming as popular as it’s more functional bigger brother, Facebook!

  2. I have been TweetDeck for quite some time and really love the application and it is really 10 times better than the Twhirl.

  3. Sounds good, I’ll have to check it out. I use Twitter mainly to follow people I like. I find it more fun than other things, like Facebook, which I haven’t signed into in a few months.

  4. In the begging I though it was a cool tool but when you follow hundreds of active users it’s a bit messy. I use twhirl, but the Tweetdeck sounds interesting.

  5. You know, everywhere I go, I’ve been hearing lots about Twitter. I haven’t use it, only took a quick peak at the homepage but that’s it.

    But where ever I go, there’s always someone mention something about about Twitter, blogs, forums, even some sites I’ve been on. It must be really good… hmm.

    I might try it out eventually when all these blogs, forums, and sites convince me enough! Haha.

    Yep, this is a good example of going viral?

  6. thanks for the note. i will try it =]

  7. Tweetdeck is very useful. I’ve been working on adding keyword searching of Twitter over at PageRush. This should allow you to monitor a list of keywords (my favorite feature of Tweetdeck) from inside a Web app.

  8. download

    Good, I use twhirl, but the Tweetdeck sounds interesting.

  9. I have been using Tweetdeck, but it would be nice to be able to easily switch between accounts. Is this something I’m missing or is it an update that is in the works for down the line?

  10. Tweeter is pretty cool and it is easy to make friends. However there is so much spam out there.

    I have not herd of Tweedeck before but going to look into it.


  11. Are there alternate programs to the ones that are being used?

  12. Cher

    I haven’t tried twitter yet, I heard many people using it as part of their daily routine. Maybe its time for me to get an account too.