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What can blogs do for your business ? Blogging for Business

bigstockphoto_Business_People_Blog.jpg Blogs have a tremendous impact even on the smallest of companies and enterprises. This morning I was out visiting a local Client (L’Aquila isn’t an industrial city so I don’t have meny opportunities to conduct business). Their line of business is rather unique: window decorations – they are the people that set up shop windows and make us all run in to make our Christmas gifts. Until recently they weren’t interested in the Internet until the CEO had a meeting in Germany and they "told him" that Internet and the Search Engines are to become a vitla part of the business – that’s when we had our first meeting back in March of this year. Today I was finally able to show him how blogs work and how they can have a positive impact on his business allowing him to:

  • Attract quality leads from the search engines
  • Trigger business opportunities using tags and tagging
  • leapfrog into the Web 2.0 era

Their web site has been sitting online for years, and nobody was able to find the time to update it. During our meeting I saw all the photos that have been taken on all the projects, an incredible amount of beautigful photos. I could sense the desire to reach out to their potential audience and show them what they are capable of doing and who their customers are. We underwent the process of identifying objectives and I showed them how easily a blog can be updated – it looks like we’ll be setting up a blog for them 🙂 It was important to identify what was important to be done in house and what could be outsourced to me. The heart and soul of the blog must remain in house i.e. they must produce the content. I would help on the promotional aspects and technical issues. Hopefully I’ll get the OK before end of august and I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Dr. Eufemia

    Is there a copyright on this picture or can I use it on our government web site for Health and Safety issues. Thanks. Please response to my email given above

  2. Hello Dr. Eufemia,
    Many of the photos on my blog, this one in particular, has been purchased at

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    I’ve been building sites for years and am now rebilding my old sites using WP as i find the platform seems to get higher results in google than my old hand coding did – bloggings really helped me!

  4. Blogs are essential media tools for small business marketing. When combined with a solid social media marketing campaign, small businesses have a ton of opportunities for themselves.