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Why Blog Post Frequency Continues to Matter

Why Blog Posting Frequency Continues to matter

In another (working) life, before the Internet, I was an aerospace engineer. My last day in office finally came and it was time to say good-bye to my Boss.

We had a long chat in his office. At that time I thought I might be able to do some business with the Agency as an external consultant, and mentioned it to him.

“Sante, I think it’s a good idea” he said after a moment of silence, and then went on to add something I never forgot:

People tend to forget ” We shook hands and I never saw or heard from him again.

Today he would certainly remember me if I happen call, but 12 years down teh road there wouldn’t be much to say to each other.

The same thing happens with blogs. If you don’t post regularly, people (and search engines) will tend to give your blog less priority. Let’s put aside those who blog as a hobby – that’s a different story.

If you or your Company have a blog or would like to start one, don’t blog once in a blue moon. Blogging is more than sharing infomation – it’s:

  • engaging in conversations
  • talking to people
  • listening to comments and considerations
  • providing useful information

We will be discussing this at the forthcoming Internet Conference (2nd and 3rd of November) in the web 2.0 session – I look forward to the discussion with all participants coming from 10 differnt countries …

Blogs are like a … party

Blogs are like a ... party

When you launch a blog you’re the new-comer to a party in full thrust. Groups of people are talking, drinking, laughing .. enjoying themselves, and you need to understand where you fit in.

At first you’ll have to feel your way around and play it by ear, get a drink, listen to what others are saying, find the right conversation, and participate.

Conversations are human and involve participation – posting is reaching out and talking to your friends and contacts (audience).

The less you talk, the less you are heard and the less you are visibile. It can reach a point where you’ll feel excluded and want to leave.

The ability to blog, along with the right frequency of posting is a unique combination that differs from one blog to the next.

I classified my feeds in different ways. There are A blogs, B Blogs, and the rest:

  • A Blogs are those that I look at as soon as there are new posts coming online – I drop whatever I’m doing and read them
  • B Blogs require less attention, so I’ll look at them as soon as I have finished what I am doing

What’s you view on blog post frequency:

  • Does it have an impact on the popularity of a blog ?
  • Do people tend to read blogs that are updated more frequently ?
  • Do you read blogs with a higher posting frequency ?