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Business relationships in Tuscany: SEO and Web Hosting Issues

These days I have been on a constant move – I like travelling with the train and spend time reading or writing, especially in this heat, driving really isn't my cup of tea … I have number of Clients in Tuscany and they vary significantly. On Thursday and Friday of this week I visited Marco my friend and Cliente (actually more a Business Associate and partner). We have been doing business together since 1995 – together we set up some of the oldest domain names in Italy. I was the technical arm of operations and started with a 64k CDN and a web server for hosting web sites. Marco had a need to set up and host webs for his customers and that's how it all began. Today our Web Hosting Services are mainly for advanced users who require dedicated IP and personalised system environments – we are very flexible and can satisfy nearly any request coming from a Client, including SEO Hosting Services. What's remarkable is our team spirit and cooperation, we never felt the need to sit down and write a contractual agreement. Every Client is our Client – not his not mine. I find it more and more difficult to establish partnerships of this kind. Many are worried that I will “steal” the Client – that makes me laugh. That kind of people are the ones that will probably do just that ! Thats why for me it's extremely important to set up partnerships and cooperate with people with the same approach to business. Birds of a feather flock together, and so do professionals. We're all different and like to do business with people we feel comfortable with. At least I do. I enjoy travelling to Tuscany, Marco is more than a Client, he's a friend. Marco's Clients are very small companies, many involved in production and sales of white marble of Carrara. You wouldn't believe the issues we are faced with. The contact with these very small enterprises in always a “sweet 'n sour” experience. Soon I'll be back in Tuscany to visit another client in the Chianti countryside … many prefer I don't talk about our relationship.

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  1. Hey Sante, nice business relationship between you and marco. i read your blog very nice. you shared your business information us, Good. moreover your business techniques its very informative. Even i behave like that only, always be friendly , its only make us relation good and healthy. we should trust our client then we can make our business in good level. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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