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Can you trust your business partners ?

Understand your business partners

In these very warm days of June (we’re not used to them here at 721 meters above sea level) things tend to slow down a bit and I have slipped into a contemplative mood triggered by events ( … )

So this isn’t my usual search engine / SEO post (I do have a few juicy things in the pipeline), rather considerations on business in general and business partners.

Business partners are a business model we are all forced to follow. Verticalization and specialization force businesses to outsource non strategic activities and choose the best business partner – but who is the best business partner.

Here are a few things I am on the outlook for when I meet someone:

  • Handshake
    • A person with a firm and tight grip are the ones I’m looking for. Ever feel like they were putting a cold dead fish in your hand to shake ? I don’t trust them.
  • Smile
  • Some people have an artificial look about them – a sort of plastic smile they turn on and off depending on the tone and topic of the conversation. An expression I’d like to wipe off their face with a vibrant smack.

  • Look
    • Some people don’t look you in the eyes – that’s the worst signal a person can give me. Eyes are the gateway to anyones heart and soul – if you don’t look me in the eyes you’re concealing something.

Now I know this is all coded by the experts and tells you a lot about the way I do business and feel about doing business with others.

I know when somethings wrong with with a person (i.e. I shouldn’t do business with them), nonetheless I don’t listen to my instinct and sooner or later it catches up with me …

What about you ?

Which signals do you look for when you meet someone for the very first time ?

Would you like to add more factors to enrich my list ?

17 Replies

  1. Past performance is always indicative of future success (sp?).

    Do a little tiny deal with ’em.
    See what happens.

    99% the results will be the same in the future.

    Simple as…

  2. its great idea of finding our right business partners in our first sight itself by using these tactics like hand shake, smile, look… i felt this is like a kind of body language finding the right one for our business.. not only all these things shows a persons mentality we have to absorb their thought, way of speaking etc., any way great idea..

  3. For me, it’s not only about the smile, handshake and look. I think con artists are very good at these visual cues. Some things I look for is if the person is TOO smooth. I like sincerity in dealing with people.

  4. Great Post of my day. Really nice. (y)

  5. shen.cadelina

    These are good first impression signs of a good partner.

  6. Its very important to feel really comfortable with any business partner. I agree with the first persone maybe a small deal first will give you all the signs you need to know about a person.

  7. Professional networking is very important in every kind of business and it is the truth for blogging as well.

  8. Well I have learnt not to trust anyone in the first meeting.

    I think the best way to find out about someone is by having an informal chat or going out to someplace.

    Within the confines of an office room everyone is an actor.

    Handshakes do make a difference too as you said.

  9. I was taught that don’t trust anyone once you became a member of the society. And it’s hard for me to trust anyone including some of my families…

  10. Handshakes and looks tell us a lot about other people. You shouldn’t be a psychologist to see whether he’s a good partner to deal with

  11. The pose is telling a lot.
    Jestures give much info.
    For example, if a person touches his nose while talking, most of the times it means he’s lying

  12. I agree that knowing the body language it’s easier to communicate.
    Most people won’t say the truth. Their body will do it for tham )

  13. Best Man

    Trusting the person with a first impression is something that you should never do. I think it is mainly because there can be so many loop holes.

    We can trust people but just make sure that there is a back up.

  14. Aside from the handshake, the look, and the smile, talking to people longer than usual will give you hints what kind of persons they are.

  15. One thing to keep in mind is that there are also cultural differences. Research shows that the Japanese don’t normally maintain eye contact for too long. They often think westerners are staring at them

  16. Magic Of Making Up

    I agree that cultural differences need to be respected. Yes in Western Society it is good manners to look someone in the eye, but in African culture it is seen as rude and disrespectful…So it depends who you are dealing with…

    My advice is if you are dealing with international clients, then try to follow their customs while in their country…It’s the same as trying to speak their language – you gain instant trust and respect.

  17. Yes,culture makes difference.For Chinese, it’s hard to trust any people, unless you are his/her relative or colleagues. Thanks for sharing