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Using Tracking Code in WordPress Forms

The link you can see in the previous screenshot leads to a form: This is the form – it’s simple and goes straight to the point – no BS, it takes just a few seconds to compile … this is the message users get once the form has been complied and sent (well there is more there but I don’t want to show you now).

Blogging for the Show or the Doe ?

Web metrics and measuring the performance of a website is just as important as the amount of traffic your website generates. For a blog, a wordpress blog, measuring conversions or goals can be a problem due to the structure of the many wordpress plugins which do not feature a thank you page. A thank you page is essential in order to …

Tweedeck for Twitter

Tweetdeck is a desktop application software for Twitter, providing organization functionalities and a connection with TwitScoop …

Guida al Blogging: Migliorare il Blog, Come Sviluppare un Post

Se stai pensando di fare blogging, per passione o per business, e non l’hai ancora fatto questo post ti interessa sicuramente. Prende spunto dall’osservazione di come sono scritti alcuni post in blogs che sono poco leggibili e qui offro dei suggerimenti su come impostare la tua attività di blogging sia per un business blog, corporate blog oppure un blog personale …

International Blogging and Multilingual Issues

Multilingual issues are of growing concern to webmasters and the growing need for localization is drawing more and more attention to search engine optimisaton for multilingual blogs and websites.