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Reykjavik Iceland – Highlights from the afternoon sessions

Today is a very busy day – I gave my presentation and had very nice feedback from the audience. Some speakers asked me for permission to use a few of my slides 🙂 My presentation was on web 2.0 and how it will impact organic placement. I suggested thru my presentation that participants give serious


2006-11-02 15:45:00 PM – Doing Business on the Internet

Doing business on the internet is turing out to be a very interesting panel where the discussion is focused on the trust issue that in turn will impact the brand reputation. The message that comes out of this panel is to build a materiale image for your business: Does your business have a contact page


2006-11-02 13:15:15 PM Session: Web Site Architecture

Shari Thurow gave a second presentation this afternoon on web site architecture and ways to build into a web site a successful (and profitable) enterprise representation online. I find very interesting how there is a renewed focus amongst participants on ethical SEO. There is little if no talk at all about black hat SEO –


09:29:17 am Reykjavik Iceland, Keynote speaker – Chris Sherman

Chris Sherman opened the Internet marketing conference this morning with a very interesting keynote presentation, tracing the history of modern search engines and search marketing. The history of search as Chris presented it brought back many memories from way back in 1996 and identified present day challenges to search marketers that are: web 2.0 vertical


Reykjavik search engine marketing conference opens tomorrow

Tomorrow the Iceland Internet marketing conference in Reykjavik opens – a 2 day event on search engines and web marketing with a focus on europe and multilingual aspects