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<!–adsense–> We’re just a few days away from Christmas and ready to wrap up another year and I’m pretty sure you’re in the holiday season mode so you’ll enjoy this one … Beginning of December I was invited to speak at the Convegno GT, one of the major search engine & web marketing events in


How to build up great reciprocal links in 8 easy steps

The question on reciprocal linking is always there in the forums and blogs, many believe reciprocal links are useful for your website popularity but there is more to links than their number, its the power of links knitted into a directory of theme related web sites that is a valuable assett to your search engine visibility

Link Exchange – how to build your directory of networked sites

link exchange and link exchange management can make a significant contribution to your web site visibility on all major search engines, buyt there is more to it than meets the eye. In this post I offre a few tips on how to set up and manage a link exchange directory that can drive quality traffic to your web site …

How to develop your link exchange program – I

I believe that link exchange and link exchange management are still very much alive and can be an integral part of a successful search engine optimization effort with a significant positive contribution. This is the first of a series of posts where I share my views and give tips on how to build a successful link exchange program …

Links and relevancy – who’s right ??

Today I read with great interest a post from Jim Boykin’s blog. It put a smile on my face – I’ll tell you why in just second. I enjoy the style and find the information very useful, and close to my way of working. I recently read a post on where the imperative was