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Priceline acquires Kayak for $1.8 billion five months after IPO

Priceline acquires Kayak for $1.8 billion five months after IPO

New Online Textuale Browser – #browseo

Browseo is a new textual browser my friend Jonathan Schikowski suggested I try out and provide feedback – it’s a texual browser like Lynx with some significant differences: You don’t need to install browseo (you do everything online) Browsing it easy and user friendly (you navigate with your mouse) It allows you to identify nofollowed,


White Paper on Web Analytics Accuracy

Whitepaper on Web Analytics Accuracy by Brian Clifton, an authority in this field. The Whitepaper is taken from Chapter 2 of his new book due out in the very near future. Differences between logfile analysis and page tagging are elaborated by Brian where he shows the …

SEO Tools and Software: link and link exchange software

link exchange and link management are an integral part of search engine optimization strategies. YOu cannot survive oinline without links. In this post I address the issue of link magament software and how it can be used to identify potential partner sites where you can request links

SEO Tools – Web Position for Search Engine Optimization and Positioning

SEO tools and SEO software, today I take a closer look at Web Position 4.0 a software tool that has been with be for 6 years. Like all seo software it offers a numer of features and procedures, some I use others I completely ignore …