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Can server performance impact your search engine rankings ?

Does server performance have an impact on search engine rankings for a web site ? I believe it does. My assumptions are based on my experience related to server outages and oscillations I have noted in web sites after the problem has been solved …

Multi lingual web site architecture: all languages under the same roof ??

Multilingual search engine optimisation is more often than not an issue that many discover when the need to increase reach to local markets arises. In this post I take the opportunity to examine the issue from my perspective as a bilingual and multicultural person operating as a search engine optimization consultant with a number of years expoerience in this field …

How to get listed in the search engines, have great visibility and spend close to nothing !

Search Engine Myths and traps. I recently received a spam on how to get top listings in the search engines with a few hundred Euro and submit to 900 search engines, directories, and web catalogs. I was amused for a short while, until I received an Email from a Client …

How has recent Google Update affected your rankings ??

How has the recent Google algorithm update affected the quality of the index ? I have some information to share with the search community based on my personal experience.