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Outrage Porn & Shitty Values

I‘m always asking myself questions. Questions are always on my mind: why did I say that to Mary, I should have kept my mouth shut with that Client, why didn’t I implement that change, when am I going to read that blogpost I bookmarked a few days back, I have to review that new software


Archibald MacLeish Once said…

The only thing about a man that is a man … is his mind. Everything else you can find in a pig or horse (Quote from “The 20 habits of truly brilliant presenters“, a PDF you can download here)

What is Success?

  And it will change as things happen to you along the way …

Reading “Trust me” by Nick Morgan

Connection is Closeness Twelve feet or more is public space … between twelve feet and four feet is social space … four feet to a foot and a half is personal space … a foot and a half to zrro is intimate space

Reading “Trust me” by Nick Morgan

Love is expressed primarily through gesture: a look, an arch of the eyebrow, a touch, a kiss.