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Social Media Management: Social Media Firehose – YAHOO! Pipes

YAHOO! Pipes – Social Media Fire Firehose

Learn Google Analytics with Brian Clifton

They asked some questions about their (general) statistics plan and then ventured off far beyond the boundary of how many visitors there had been over the past 3 months … as people are spending more and more on their online visibility, they are asking more and more questions on how that money is being spent and the only way to get some good answers is to investigate with web analytics.

Don’t waste your money on ADWORDS !

Many setup and run DIY ADWORDS campaigns that just don’t work out. Recently I have worked on ADWORDS campaigns for new Clients, all with (the same) big problems – here’s a list of useful tips on how to optimize your ADWORDS campaigns

Free International Web Marketing Search Report 2007

A report written by editors at Multilingual Search was published earlier today – I contributed to the Italian section with considerations on Web Marketing in Italy. It’s an informal document that will give you up to date information on different markets with interesting regional specific information . It’s our first go, so please be understanding.


When A Client becomes an Evangelist …

It was a beautiful Monday morning, September 3rd and I was in hospital waiting for my my wife Mary to come back from the operating theater – some minor surgery in day hospital. My cell phone rang and I saw an unfamiliar number, nobody I deal with on a regular basis. It was Sandro. “Hello