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Very important for Search Engine Optimization Add META TAGS Add and customize the description and keyword meta tags for your blog posts and most of the other pages on your blog, such as homepage and category archives Related Entries Finds other related posts on your site and links to them from the bottom of your post – Helps increase the number of page views and time people spend on your site WordPress Database Backup Create WordPress backups AKISMET anti spam Filter out spam comments and trackbacks Search Meter Keep track of what your visitors are searching for on your blog Contact Forms WP Contact Form is a drop in form for users to contact you.

Recover Your Password on a WordPress Blog

Resources for Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing, or just everyday work from Sante: How to Recover a Password on WordPress by Lorelle on WordPress The first step in assuring you never have to recover a lost password on WordPress is to save your username and password in a safe place !

Geo URL Plugin for WordPress

Resources for Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing, or just everyday work from Sante WordPress › GeoURL « WordPress Plugins This plugin allows you to insert the meta tags into your blog so that it can be located by GeoURL.

Using Tracking Code in WordPress Forms

The link you can see in the previous screenshot leads to a form: This is the form – it’s simple and goes straight to the point – no BS, it takes just a few seconds to compile … this is the message users get once the form has been complied and sent (well there is more there but I don’t want to show you now).

Blogging for the Show or the Doe ?

Web metrics and measuring the performance of a website is just as important as the amount of traffic your website generates. For a blog, a wordpress blog, measuring conversions or goals can be a problem due to the structure of the many wordpress plugins which do not feature a thank you page. A thank you page is essential in order to …