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Search Engine Strategies Milan, 2007

Search Engine Strategies Milano, 2007

SES kicked off Tuesday morning in a cool and grey Milano. The conference is small compared to other events such as London that has now grown considerably over the past 4 years.

Unfortunately there was no wireless coverage in the conference hall or tables for bloggers so it just wasn’t feasible to blog during the conference sessions.

After all the nightime networking there was no strength to blog (I’ll be flickring the photos soon).

UPDATE: I Flickrd them

I think the message coming out of the conference was one of sweeping change that is going to transform SEO as we know it today. Strategic linking and community networking were just 2 of many other topics discussed during the organic search engine placement forum.

During our lunch break I spoke with 2 young and very nice Engineers – we had the inevitable discussion on the quality of results and how some still get away with ugly spam, but that’s life isn’t it ?

I also met up with Brian From Google (Head of Analytics) was good to see him again.

Unlike other markets, web marketing in Italy is rather unstructured and fragmented, just like the economy that it’s coming from with small and micro being the dimensions of most Italian companies.

In this respect SES will undergo changes to better reflect regional peculiarities.

What’s good about a conference is the “benchmarking effect” – a sort of test you run on yourself to see where you are now and where you were last time you spoke at a public event.