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Social Bookmarking and Social Networking: Meet

tailfire social bookmarking and social networking all in one

Tailfire is a new way to manage your bookmarks and intercept useful web resources. had this post in draft mode now for a few days because there were some technical problems. Today they sent an Email advising users they cleaned up some code and everything was working properly. It’s all true, so let me walk you thru the trail fire process of weaving your own web online.

  • set up a tyral fire account at
  • Download and install the plugin in

You’ll see 2 new icons in your toolbar:

hide_show_trailfire_sidebar hide/show trailfire side bar that allows you to logon to trailfire

trailfire_add_trailmark add a trail mark to this page

A trail mark is just another way to bookmark a website, the difference is that you can link your bookmarks creating a trail of theme related bookmarks.


When you click “add a trail mark to this page” a window opens and you can add the bookmark to an existing trail or create a new one.

Sites that are part of someone’s trail are identified by a small icon appearing on the page. You can see who posted the trail and follow it to other web sites.

Cool !