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I came across some time ago and like the concept.

On these occasions I like to invite a representative of the site to answer a few questions and Joe was pleased to get back to me with a few answers on – here are the questions and answers that explain how it works:

How does work ?

Well, it’s pretty simple, you enter your social feeds (delicious, twitter, your blog, digg, etc.) and our bots go out and mix and mash them into a single coherent feed (well, not so coherent right now since I’ve been the one doing the design up until now).

An example is my page at that merges all of my activity together.

Additionally, there are the basic social aspects so you can create feeds of your friends’ aggregated social activity.

An example of that is

How is the community developing ?

The site is really kind of a lone wolf web 2.0 type of site where people create their feed and tend to use that for other purposes (all of the URL’s can have .rss or .xml appended to them for the most part).

That being said, I’m working on a few updates that will reveal more interesting aspects and use of the data on It should be live in a few weeks.

My goal is to create a passive way to aggregate you, your friends and the Internet’s social activity, meme’s, etc.

What is your opinion on Web 2.0 ?

Web 2.0 has been interesting. It’s been all about the user, their friends, their content and making those connections.

At no point prior to this have the users had so much power (as evident during Digg’s HD-DVD event). It’s going to be interesting to see how everything shakes out and where we go from here.

The problems I see right now are that the data is still in silos and not really portable (a problem that partially helps with).

So what’s next for ?

I’ve got a designer working on a new design and I’ve started working on new features. The new features are grouped around discovering compelling content and content that’s related to that based on our users’ activities.

The general technology is in place and the design is coming along.

Keep an eye on the blog for an announcement in the coming weeks!

There was a registration bug that Joe confirms has been fixed recently – This evening (21:43 in Rome) the site was a bit slow to load, but it’s worth the wait.