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Freebase is a different kind of Social networking site. Unlike many others when accessing freebase you sense oder and rationalization – typical of programming and software development.

The name itself is a clear indication that we are talking databases. Not only the name, but also the criteria used to manage content . It’s not straight forward, you need to tinker with it a while to understand how it work.

Freebase is in α and I have been issued 5 invitations – I already gave out 2 to my community of Italian readers.

If you are interested in using freebase, leave a comment now and I’ll send you an invitation.

2 Replies

  1. Rationalization? Uh oh… sounds like self-imported intellectual elitism 😉 but I’ll give it a run if you’re still offering.


  2. The invitation is on it’s way to you – enjoy !