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10 DOs and DONTs of Facebook

images-1.jpg Everyone and their dog has a Facebook profile by now. It’s the place to be isn’t it ! Everybody is there but only few have a clue on how to behave. Not that it’s really a surprise, good manners and respect for others seem to be a thing of the past. I see people throw wrappers out windows from cars, or park just any old way, and they do just the same on Facebook: They think it’s all about them.

Recently I was friended by a guy. His profile seemed “clean” so I acknowledged the request. 10 minutes later he came back to me with a request to become his fan …

Now how can you possibly expect me (or anyone else) to endorse such a request.

Every morning I’m flooded with fan requests or invitations to groups and events I have no interest in whatsoever.

Leave me alone.

Don’t invite me for a drink in Montana, or to a freakin’ event on stressed out polar bears.

Before you change your Facebook profile or invite me and all your friends PLEASE:


  1. Don’t ask me to fan your pages. I really get pissed off when someone stands in front of me and says “hey man I’m sooo coool you should become a fan of mine ” – get lost, if you’re only way to get some attention is to stand before me and ask for it then you’re a loser. Get off your ass and do something useful for your community, create and share, and let the people decide whether they should become your fans.
  2. Don’t invite me to all your meetings and workshops. You think you look smart by inviting me to all your events ? Well surprise surprise you don’t, you annoy me.
  3. I don’t care what you are doing. updating your profile 20 times a day to tell the world about your breakfast, dinner and lunch is telling me you really don’t have anything better to do and you’re wasting time on the job.
  4. Think twice before publishing. I know this is an old one out in the early days of blogging – Once it’s out there it could come back to haunt you one of these days.
  5. Share useful information. You want the audience, then do something useful to earn it.
  6. Be respectful of others. No screaming and shouting to grab attention, understand my needs and respect me as you would a real friend.
  7. Build a real community of friends. Acting like a clown might get you many other clowns to follow you – but there are and will remain clowns: better to have a small number of well respected friends. Friends on Facebook are like links on the search engines, it’s not the quantity but the quality.
  8. Be yourself. Don’t hide behind your finger, just be yourself and others will appreciate you for what you really are.
  9. Don’t shoot 20 messages in 10 seconds. Got a lot of things to say ? That’s great, but don’t flood me with them all at once ! Chances are I’ll neglect everything coming my way after the 3rd message.
  10. Don’t parrot news. Avoid repeating what is on everyones’ lips UNLESS you can add value. If there’s nothing better to be said, don’t say anything.

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  1. Excellent post! enjoyed your post. I am agree with you. Even not only that, few people ask for adsense click exchange lol… More over promo email, really annoying. Sometime I feel like everybody is just trying to sale, no one is publishing valuable information.

  2. what makes face book popular is the friend factor no investment yet, they are just talkin’………………and the don’s you stated oppsss i do that on facebook

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  5. Facebook is gaining its popularity day by day and most of my friends who used orkut are now turning to facebook. Enjoyed reading the blog.

  6. Nice article. It’s true that some people even on other networking sites seem to barrage your site with junk, etc., as if since one can “readily” accept” a friend, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can do everything you please. In the real world, “friends” are polite & respectful.