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How Web 2.0 is changing the SEO Industry

I just read an interesting post at copyblogger where this issue of how SEO and the SEO Industry are changing at a very rapid pace. I think we all feel the transformation and are figuring out HOW to cope with it and HOW it is going to impact our Clients.

The transformation is a major one that goes far beyond an algorithm update. The change is a shift of focus from the more technical aspects to the human side and aspects – that’s what web 2.0 is all about isn’t it ?

The forums are populated with people promoting endless discussions that have worried me at times – am I undevaluating technical issues or are they overshooting with equations and keyword density formulas ??

I often review what I have achieved for my Clients and for myself and things seem to be working fine. Nonetheless the discussion is open and I feel the shift from algorithm analysis to long tail investigations.

Personally I feel like things are starting all over again like in 1996 as described in a post that people are looking up very often .

In my opinion there will be changes and SEO will continue to evolve and exist.

There are still a number of fundamental issues which are not common knowledge; Maybe they are but it’s all in how you put that knowledge to work – the law is there for everybody to study and apply, but we all seek legal advice, you’ll certainly want to eat spaghetti my wife makes when compared to my cooking – using the same ingredients …

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  1. The difference between SEO in 1996 and now is that the search engines themselves are changing. Google’s universal search and local business search means I can get videos, maps, timelines and soon products in my search results, and it’s all locally relevant information. SEOs who choose to take advantage of this now will be laughing in a few years time.