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I Tag Words – get your tag now !

tags words - aggiungi un link al tuo sito con un tag

If you’re looking for a one way link I Tag Words offers free tags, i.e. a link back to your website where you can set up your own anchor text (= tag).

The setup procedure is simple and straight forward – it takes a few seconds to set up your tag. You cannot use a gmail or similar account – that’s the only limitation I’ve found so far.

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  1. Have a look at There is a web experiment regarding to folksonomies and collaborative tagging systems.

    Maybe it is of interest for you.

    Tobias Kowatsch

  2. Hi Tobias,
    I went over to your website and took the survey – not too sure about answering correctly to all questions, or about the rational behind proposing a lot of similar websites for tagging purposes – but then it is your thesis !

    I wish you all the best in your efforts and look forward to hearing from you when the results are in – if you like I’d be glad to publish them here on my blog

  3. Just another ads. Where’s content?

  4. I don’t get the concept- your suppose to have a tag cloud or something linking to others? Seems spammy 2 me.

  5. <p>Matt Cutts said buying links can actually HURT your website. So this may do more damage than it helps.</p>

  6. Nice – great tip!

    Someone always says bad things related to seo, but where do i have to buy? Its free there!

  7. elena


    thank you all very much for the links. It was great for me to find so much help.

  8. Hey there – great tips for SEO. Thank you for all the links and help.

  9. This is a cool link building idea!! I especially like the fact that it’s free!