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Meet TagPage – the million dollar page Web 2.0 style

TagPage - the million dollar tag page

The Web 2.0 takes yet another shape and form with TagsPage. TagsPage uses the same concept as the Million Dollar Page with tags instead of banners. The Million Dollar Page had a huge success and advertisers have gained traffic.

TagsPage aims to become the next Million Dollar Page. The tag pages are simple and readable. The user experience is similar to visiting a shopping mall, all tags reach out in a different way.

I was contacted by TagsPage and they are offering a discount to all my readers wishing to purchase a tag, you’ll receive a 50% discount if you place the word achille in the coupon box before checking out – I am making no money on this and I believe it is a time limited offer. 

4 Replies

  1. Mark

    Another Million Dollar Page Web 2.0 Style evolutions is
    Very cool!

  2. TagPage format is useful but I do feel that it doesn’t look professional with some words being bolder and bigger than others.

  3. SEO Singapore

    Tag Page looks like the thing for the future. Everybody should look into it to avoid missing the golden goose.