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People are spamming – have you noticed ??

delicious social bookmarking is the new frontier of spamming. At least that’s what I see when I run a few queries. We all want web 2.0 and social bookmarking to work in our favor, but I think there is a reasonable limit to everything.

I’m annoyed and get angry ( … ) when I see ugly spam. Where did I see it ?? Run a query on for hotels in tuscany and see for yourself … I find it pathetic.

Why can’t people put their efforts into doing something useful – I’ll never understand or give in to this attitude.

Have you seen spam on or other social bookmarking sites ? I’d like to know and I’m pretty would too !

2 Replies

  1. Why do you spam BlinkList when you complain about spamming yourself.

  2. SPAM ? I don’t think so. SPAM is something completely different, like the hundreds of contentless sites chuck full of ADSENSE and no useful content for the user.

    My posts always have something to say that is (hopefully) useful to the reader.

    IMHO submitting posts to a social bookmarking service shouldn’t be frowned upon or referred to as SPAM.

    That’s not the feedback I get, but I am open to the discussion and understand your point of view.