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Tagcrowd: Create a tag cloud for your documents – web 2.0 style - Web 2.0 tag cloud for your documents
Tag Crowd is a new application of tag clouds, related to web pages and documents. You can generate a tag cloud for your documents. It’s simple to use.

Why would you want to use a tag cloud for your documents ? Well tag clouds have an impact on the reader.

People scan documents for keywords, especially if they are running a search and found your content from a search engine query. The tag cloud will represent the most used words in bigger bold letters, just like your WordPress tag cloud or any other tag cloud generator.

If you are preparing a document such as a white paper or similar you could generate a tag cloud to use along side of your executive summary or abstract. This will give the reader a perception of the topics your document covers.

With tagcrowd you upload the text of your document – it can be only in text format. You can upload a text file as well – 100 KB of text is the max. limit

tagcrowd upload screenshot

Once you upload your document tagcrowd generates the tag cloud and provides HTML code for you to use on your web site.

tagcrowd-tagcloud-html screenshot

There are also options to avoid noise words, the number of tags, along with other features.

This is a tag cloud I generated from a document:

tagcrowd tagcloud screenshot

Generate your tag cloud, take a screenshot, copy and paste.

You can also upload the screenshot to a Flilckr profile with all your tag clouds of your documents.