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I’m still recovering from the tremendous earthquake that hit my home town L’Aquila just over 3 months ago and hosted the G8 last week. It takes time and the (mental) healing process is so intimately connected to getting back into my life, old routines that were so suddenly interrupted on April 6th. This book by Rajesh Setty

ThinkTweet – Bite-sized Lessons for a Fast Paced World

is a collection of inspiring considerations on everyday life in form and shape of Tweets – 140 characters to make you re-think your business and your approach to life. ThinkTweet is my desktop companion I often turn to these days and is giving me the opportunity to blog with a slightly different perspective.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have been in touch with Rajesh on Twitter and he sent me copy of the book.

The book is a compilation of 131 Tweets. It’s that kind of book I keep on my desk or on the bedside table and open from time to time. ThinkTweet reminds me of a book I once picked up in a book shop in Sydney – a compilation of saying and proverbs which more often than not find a place in our lives every single day. I’ve had it for over 10 years and it’ been following me around, always there to be picked up and opened on a random page where I find some inspiring quote to keep in mind.

Out of the 131 Tweets There are a few I find significant and close to my line of work (Search Engine and Web Marketing). I’ll be posting the most significant ones with some considerations and real life experience I trust you’ll find interesting.

Here’s the first one:

Tweet #2 from ThinkTweet by Rajesh Setty: Networking metric is NOT how you leverage your network but how much you CONTRIBUTE to the network (whatever be the medium.)

Give and you will get back – what goes around will come around.

I know that’s not always the case, I have been in and out of many search engine forums, Italian or English, and mnay people are there only to take away whatever you have to give – but in the long run the benefits to giving will outweigh the effort as your reputation and authority rise within the community of your field of expertise.

Free your knowledge amongst those of your community and it will come back to you enriched by the opinions and conversations you will engage with others online: It reminds me of a Chinese proverb (or at least I think it’s Chinese):

Take the most precious thing you have and set it free – if it leaves and doesn’t make a return it was never really yours.

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  1. You said something that reminds me of what I term butterfly phenomenon. That is if something is really and truly yours like a butterfly to a sweet nectar no matter how far it goes. It’ll return.