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What is Folksonomy ?

I thought it would be nice to have a section called Folksonomy in my blog. I picked up this term in the Tim O’Rielly article:

What is Web 2.0
Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software

I read some time back but have on my desk and read again from time to time. I find it a starting point for anyone who asks the question ” What is Web 2.0 ? ”

We had some lengthy discussions on this topic, now that people were acquainted to the idea of the web and search everything is changing again: I like the way Victoria Bianchini of Sphere put it a post yesterday when she says that ” … people are leaning forward again with the twinkle of possibility in their eyes … ”

As Tim O’Riely explains in his article:

  • Folksonomy is Web 2.0 – it’s about people and their way of seeing the web and networking their opinions and feelings.
  • Taxonomy is Web 1.0 – it’s about heirarchical organisation, Directories and orderly systems