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Where to with your blog in 2008 ?


Here we go – the rat race is about to begin once again.

Unfortunately I have been away from work and blogging due to a sudden and serious illness of my father – a hear attack at 84 is life threatening to say the least and these past 2 months have taught me a lot about caring for others and listening to what they have to say.

During this time I have met many physicians, some were good and some were great.

  • A good doctor:
    • identifies a pathology
    • prescribes an appropriate therapy
  • A great doctor:
    • identifies a pathology
    • prescribes an appropriate therapy
    • relates to patients and their needs
    • offers reassurance

The great doctor is a communicator.

 It takes more than training and technical skills to bring relief to people like my father who have undergone major surgery.

When he was in hospital, the surgeon would give patients hope, reassurance and speak to everyone in a way they would understand what he was saying.

Just days after the operation (that’s when this photo was taken with my cell phone while I was with him the very first night out of intensive care) the surgeon came for a check up. My father gave him a military salute and he gave one back to him saying "Captain Achille good evening" … getting my drift ?

Some doctors cannot understand just how important it is to develop good communications skills – I’d screen people for these skills before allowing them to enroll in medical school.

Communications and interaction are everything online – we should all practice what we preach.

I take the time to interact commenting or writing Emails to bloggers and authors and never get a reply. I find it very … annoying …

It has happened a number of times, yet again late last year.

I read this post and the previous one about the so-called P.O.S.T. method – great post, interesting information, and a review copy fo the 1st 100 bloggers to Email the author of the post (Josh Bernoff). ((I have nothing against Josh or Forrester- I read them regularly and continue to do so))

I knew I was way too late, nonetheless I gave it a shot and wrote an Email:

Hello Josh,
first of all my complements to your work – I am a long time reader and I very much enjoy your posts – so rich in content with opportunities to find new ways to use Social Technologies.

I know I’m late for a copy of the free review copy of the report you gave out to the first 100 bloggers who emailed you with their blog’s URL, but I figured I’d give it a try with the promise I’d write out a nice post on it in Italian – my blog is rather popular here in Italy – I blog bilingual.

I would have certainly been one of the first 100 to contact you but unfortunately I was totally taken by my father who had a heart attack and by-pass surgery. All went well and he is recovering now after 40 days of hospital.

In any event keep up the good work and have a very happy holiday season,



As of today no reply.

There is a lesson to be learned here – practice what you preach.

You’re telling people how they should behave and interact to build a social network (P.O.S.T stands for People Objectives Strategy Technology) so you should be the first to write a brief EMail at least to say "hey dude thanks for your Email but I cannot provide you with the report and by the way I appreciate your words of support to my efforts …"

Don’t you think so ?

Maybe instead of preaching so much we should practice a bit more – I’ll try in 2008, and I hope others will too – happy 2008