Search Marketing Consultant

Web Marketing & Search Engine Consultant announces network badge function network badge funcionalitiy announced today announced via their blog a new functionality called network badge. The network badge is a javascript you can add to your blog to identify yourself as an active member of the community and provide your users with some additional information on how many fans you have.

delicious-network badge screenshot

An additional feature made available is Add me to your network . I’m using in as part of my posts footnote.

I have been adding this kind of features to each post and not on the home page of my blog. I think it’s better to keep home pages “clean” allowing the user to identify what the blog is about and concentrate on information and feeds made available.

The window of opportunity for a call to action is most likely after the user has had the opportunity to read something (interesting … I hope )

What’s your opinion ? Send in your comments and considerations and let’s compare notes 🙂