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WordPress Plugins and Resources for your Blog

WordPress Resources, WordPress Plugins for Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing, and everyday online activities from Sante:

  • » WordPress FAQ Plugin | FAQ-Tastic Lite | Free FAQ « FAQ-Tastic | WordPress Plugin – FAQ-Tastic Lite is a FREE multiple FAQ plugin for WordPress that makes light work of answering questions from your site visitors. Unlike other FAQ plugins, FAQ-Tastic can help you build different FAQs for different areas on your WordPress site.
  • Blue Hat SEO-Advanced SEO Tactics » New WordPress Plugin – PingCrawl – Every time you make a post on your blog it grabs similar posts from other blogs that allow pingbacks using the post tags. It then links to them at the bottom of the post as similar posts. It then executes the pingback on all the posts. You can specify how many posts to do per tag and that many will be done for each tag you use in your posts. Typically it has about an 80% successrate with each pingback and they are legit so the ones that fall into moderation tend to get approved. This creates quite a few deep links for each blog post you make and through time really helps with your link building. Especially for new blogs.
  • Managing ads and Advertising in your WordPress Blog: WordPress Plugins – The WP125 plugin can help you manage your ads more efficiently, leaving you with more time to write new posts. The plugin adds a new “Ads” menu to the WordPress admin, featuring submenus for tweaking display settings and adding and removing ads.
  • Privacy Policy Plugin For WordPress Blogs – At the end of February, 2008, Google started requiring AdSense publishers to display a privacy policy on all sites that displayed AdSense ads or search boxes. Since many WordPress blogs are monetized with AdSense, I decided to write a plugin that would automate the creation of AdSense-compliant privacy policies for WordPress users. Thus the Privacy Policy Plugin for WordPress was born.
  • WorePress Plugin that includes Banners in your blog posts – WP-Post-Banners is a plugin which can display banners(resized images) from your posts automaticly. You can supply it parameters like banner size, post filters and maximum amount of banners to be shown.
  • WordPress Plugin to Optimize your Database (DB) – For some People running WordPress, the use of wp-phpMyAdmin appears to be a risky thing. To many options. Optimize DB plugin lets you do just one task: Optimize the tables of your database.
  • WordPress Plugins and Tools That Improve User Experience – Here?s a collection of most useful blog add-ons or extras that can be easily integrated with any website and will help in enhancing your visitors? experience. All these 15 add-ons are free and you don?t have to be a geek to use them on your site.

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  1. great list of wordpress resources!
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  2. Thanks Sante, I actually just installed WordPress (for the first time!) this afternoon so I’m still getting a hang of it. Glad I stumbled across these

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    Thats cool to find it. I just started a new blog, shifting platform this time from Blogger to wordpress. These are some problems i faced with Blogger mentioned above.