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Sit under the baobab with me now !

Sit under the baobab with me !
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Do you know what a baobab is ? It a tree, native of Africa.

So what do you and I have in common with a tree in Africa ? Read on to find out …

In a previous (working) life, before the advent of the Web, I worked for ESA (the European Space Agency) – a great job offering the opportunity to meet people from literally all over the world: in many ways it was like a primitive WWW.

I left many friends behind way back in 1994, but one was very special – his name is Omar, Omar SY, a great guy and superb professional with an unlimited passion for aviation and piloting aircrafts.

Of African origins, he was born and raised in France, and settled down in Holland where he married and settled down.

Omar would tell me stories of Agadir where his father had retired, and where he had been many times as a child and an adult.

When there was something important he wanted to share with me he would come past my office and say:

“ehi Sante c’mon we gotta go sit under the baobab”

That phrase had a special meaning.

He told me about the baobab and the symbolic values tribes would attribute to this beautiful tree. A place where people would sit to think, find a solution to their problems or simply look inside themselves, share their experiences …

Se we had our baobab in the cafeteria where we’d sit and have a coffee or cappuccino and talks about things …

I never forgot the baobab and how nice it was to sit there and discuss matters – I’d like you to sit under the baobab with me whenever you feel like it .

If you read my blog often I’m sure we have many things in common – there might be something you’d like to share with me and others that read me …

How to join me under the baobab

I thought it would be nice to meet up somewhere else, not here, gee I’m here all day long and often at night too. I know where not close friends, just acquaintances and we have one thing in common: Search Engines and Web Marketing, sooo …

I set up my baobab on Facebook.

How does my baobab on Facebook work ?

It’s simple – join me there, take a look around, you’ll see there is a lot of talk about SEO, search engines and web marketing but with a very personal touch, more relaxed and informal that things are around here … not that they’re very formal after all …

You have something on your mind that’s not quite search engine oriented but nonetheless like to start a thread on it with me and hopefully get others to join us ?

Leave a message on my wall.

Tell me what you’d like to talk about, what’s on your mind, any questions you might have to ask and I’ll post an entry sit under the baobab and wait for you …

Go and write on my wall now !

Share some views about yourself, your work, music you like, and (above all) funny videos.

I have a fun wall for this kind a stuff – take a look