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Slowly recovering from bursitis

recovering from bursitis

You may have noticed that there hasn’t been much blogging at all around here over the past 10 days. I was away for work in tuscany for a few days and once back I came down with a sever case of Bursitis. It’s a condition that occurs if you spend a large amount of your time working with your computer.

It’s a very painful condition deriving from the intensive use of a computer mouse.

Fortunately my arm is much better and I’m able to use a keyboard – but I must use the mouse with my left hand (I’m right handed).

I’m seriously thinking about using the mouse with my left from now on.

These days a I did some search for alternative pointers but didn’t really find anything I really liked (I had my credit card within reach …)

There will be more and more people suffering from this kind of professional condition. What is industry doing about it ?

Ignoring the existence of the problem ? Alternatives are few, far apart and very expensive …

Meanwhile I advise you to pay extra attention to your work place and your ergonomy.

Have you had health problems related to your extended exposure to computers ?

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  1. proglammer

    I understand you very much, my friend! I also have to deal with computers here in Russia (I’m a web programmer), and I have terrible aches in my palms sometimes 🙁 I hope that manufacturers of peripherla devices will d o something about it one day, because I’m sure the next generation will suffer even more of these ilnesses.

    Gesundheit! (health – in German 😉 )