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Your Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Sante your questions on search engines and web marketing

Web analytics are simply fantastic. We can gather so much information form people who visit our web site, making us aware of others needs.

I talk about your needs because more and more queries I notice are really questions – and very often they repeat themselves over and over so … let me introduce my Frequently Asked Questions on Search Engines.

Your questions are a way to trigger new conversations and talk about things that are really interesting to you, my reader.

Blogs are really about conversations aren’t they ? So let’s talk about things you would like to hear about.

I’m at work reviewing queries that lead many to my blog over the past few months and I’ll be submitting Questions that are actually coming from you the user – but here’s your chance to get some first hand information on search and search engines.

For Blogs

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For Keywords

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For Search engines

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For Web 2.0

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For Keywords

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