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How to build up great reciprocal links in 8 easy steps

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The discussion goes on about reciprocal linking and if it’s a useful technique. I believe this strategy can be very useful in these difficult times of uncertain rankings.

Why ? Because links are referrals pointing to your site. That’s all there is to it. There are a few point you’ll want to keep in mind when you conceptually design your link strategy. Of course all the things we all say and preach stand strong, but here’s what I would advise you to do:

  • Identify a list of keywords users will use to identify non competing web sites that are complementary to yours
    • If you sell cars, search for mechanics and spare parts dealers, or auto insurance web sites
  • Search for relevant web sites using the keywords you have chosen
  • Don’t link to web sites that are off topic, even if they are linking to you, stay away from cars if you deal with sweets, if you run a hotel don’t link up to computer sites
  • Organize your links in a directory
    • Make separate pages for different topics, list each web site as a single entry and provide each link with a unique description, improving the META TAG description or writing up a nice catch phrase taking some content from the home page
    • Don’t worry about back links at first, most people will turn you down look at your Page Rank and frown upon it because it will be ZERO and
  • Add no more than 15 links to each page
    • People will not scan very fare below the fold of the page
  • Link your Directory of Web Resources from you home page, allowing search engines to immediately identify it
  • Make the link to your Directory of Web Resources sound interesting to both humans and search engines – don’t call it links, because it’s not a bunch a links, it’s a resource of hand picked web sites that you feel confident about propoting to your users
  • Make sure each page has a unuqie title and description
    • Write out great web page titles, because you are optimizing these pages to achieve top visibility for niche keywords in the search engines, not just building junks pages to make someone happy
    • Make sure your Directory of Web Resources home page title contains a trigger word like "add your web site here" or "ADD URL" because people are seeking good sites to request a link from just like you are

Why should you build up reciprocal links if the search engines are discounting them ??

Because you are interested in building a network of web sites that exchange traffic amongst each other !

This is hard work and certainly not an over night solution but it works.

Over time you’ll see your referrals grow, and you’ll also see emails coming in requesting to be listed in your directory.

If you keep at it you’ll achieve significant results in just a few months – but you gotta keep working at it.

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  1. Hey, thanks for including a Feed Crier subscription link. Right now, it doesn’t work, however. You need to replace the [your_feed_url_here] with the address of your feed. Otherwise, no one can sign up for your feed.

  2. OOOPS … that was my mistake – It should be OK now, can you take a look at it now ??

  3. Reciprocal Linking is probably the best technique to get traffic on your site with minimal investment. But this strategy should be used with due care. Reciprocal Links should be exchanged only with similar sites. Getting links on Link Farms do more harm than good, and should be avoided.

  4. That’s great, I never thought about How to build up great reciprocal links in 8 easy steps like that before.

  5. Thanks for this post.
    Interesting read.
    Just would like to add that even though it is good to have backlinks from business related websites it will not do any harm if you have some from unrelated websites as well. Actually opposite is a true.
    Every link counts as long as it is not from link farms.


  6. I agree with fkysmile, every link carries juice, and as Matt Cutts has stated “a link is a link is a link. Google discounts link from “farms” or purchased links, unless they are from their own adwords.