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How to develop your link exchange program – I

how to build your link directory

Web 2.0 hype has subdued links and link exchange programs. The constant growth for information on Web 2.0 [we’ll get around to talking about that very soon] corresponds to a reduced request for tips on how to build up a link program.

The question I see more and more people asking in forums is

  • Should I set up a link exchange program ?

  • Is link exchange dead ?

I believe link exchange is still an activity that can help bring in qualified leads and traffic to a web site. My experience has been very good ans still rakes in a good number of leads that become Customers.

I had the opportunity to start talking about links and linking in a previous post where I mentioned reciprocal link management and software that can help find link partners.

First rule is to keep away from Free for All (FFA) link pages. You’ll recognize them because they:

  • Look cheap

  • Carry a very lagre number of links

  • Cover just about everything that is under the sun, from gambling, to hotels, from viagra to sports goods

You don’t need a link from such pages, and you don’t want a link from them either.

There is another issue that makes me frown, and that is when people refuse a link from a page that has a low page rank. If the page is good (and we’ll talk about what a good page is) there is no reason to knock back a link coming from it just because it has a PR=0 (Page Rank). It happens to be that all pages are new and start with a PR=0 and need to build up their reputation and presence and everybody starts somewhere !

So all of you out there who preclude the opportunity to network with a website because the page they have to offer has PR=0, you should re-think your strategy – remember todays PR=0 can become tomorrows PR=4 or 5 …

4 Replies

  1. good info about setting up the link exchange. Martin from Germany

  2. Thanks Marting for your feedback !

  3. I am noticing a lot of top web owners just swapping around ten (related) websites in there footer for the whole sitewide..

    For some reason that seems to be okay with the search engines as well…

  4. I also believe link exchange is still alive but we are going to have to re-think how we use link exchanges to best gain and provide quality content and information to our users.