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Learn how to … use impress


We’re just a few days away from Christmas and ready to wrap up another year and I’m pretty sure you’re in the holiday season mode so you’ll enjoy this one …

Beginning of December I was invited to speak at the Convegno GT, one of the major search engine & web marketing events in Italy.

Just a few days before such public speaking events I like to review my presentation knowing there is always room for improvement and there was on this occasion as well.

I added a few slides to help me during the presentation but … I was looking for some new feature of impress ((in case you are not an open office user, impress is the equivalent to power point)),  I hadn’t used before, so I turned to HELP for assistance but didn’t find much so off I went to search for tips and information with the query …

My first target was Google – I was expecting a long list of websites where I could learn more about impress when my eye caught a rather unusual and unexpected website …

WOW – what the hell is this doing here !!??

If you didn’t fall off your chair or run off to read up on …

then read on to find out why such a site is ranking for this query …

Once I got back up on my chair I took a closer look at the result – I found it pretty strange how none of the keywords I used in my query were present in the TITLE TAG: it looked pretty much like a Google Bomb.

But then there really isn’t much to bomb there ? This is a typical long tail query, with little competition (Google reports about 500,000 pages).

I ran a quick back link check on the site and found roughly 350 links reported by YAHOO! but actually found 270.

What is interesting is the analysis of the anchor text used:

So my query was:

learn how to use impress

and the anchor text in the back links is:

anchor text used to link website

Nearly a perfect fit with my query – but I was after something completely different …

In case you are wondering, I did run the same Query on YAHOO!, MSN, and Ask and none of them listed this particular site – a clear sign they are less dependent on anchor text links when compared to Google.

Overall, the results did privilege sites offering advice on how to use impress but they quickly got lost as website relevance diminished.

But don’t take my word for it, run the query and you’ll see what I’m saying.

Overall this goes to show that still today there is an underlying power of links and anchor text that can make a difference and will as you dig into the long tail of search.

I like to look at it this way: Search is just another man made creation and as imperfect as we are …