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How to find books new books on

If you are in the business of web marketing or an Internet Business professional, you know how important it is to keep up to date. RSS and web sites are great but more often than not books are an essential part of your life.

Before formulating an opinion you need to know  as much as possible on your subject, and acquiring different points of view  is just as important.

That’s why I read at least 3 books on a topic before formulating my own opinion. But how do you find books related to the same topic ?

Amaznode is a great application that extracts amazon web site information providing visual mapping of books related to each other – the screenshot is a bit more explicit and comprehensive than my explanation …


I ran a search for naked conversations and amaznode created a map with my book at the center and generated a network of other related books.

Clicking on a book opens a pop-up window with book cover, price, and the option to add it to a shopping cart or go to the amazon web site.

I saw a few books while blogging about this site on podcasting I’ll definitely buy some time this evening or tomorrow, before the Christmas rush !