Search Marketing Consultant

Web Marketing & Search Engine Consultant and other links from Sante 2006-11-11

  • Concept Share web based application service that allows for the creation and management of interactive workspaces to present visual designs to others to communicate design intentions and gather feedback from team members, managers and customers
  • 1videoconference allows Web, Audio/ Video phone, Skype, Msn and Yahoo users to participate in live web conferences without the need for downloads or installations. Simply drop code into your website and create your very own online video conference room.
  • HitTail tool providing suggestions for keywords to use in web sites based on the search terms that bring people to your site
  • iLike Check out what your friends are listening to, browse the libraries of people with similar tastes, and get Free MP3 downloads by new artists matched to your own music tastes.
  • Daily Strength social network providing people with a wide variety of medical, psychological and life conditions a space to discuss and share their experiences.