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Visual-Search Extension for Firefox – Fireox Add-ons

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  • Visual-Search Extension :: Firefox Add-ons – Visual Search Extension allows you to search visually in all of your favorite search engines. This extension really does save you vast amounts of time and is a great usability increase.

5 Replies

  1. Quality over quantity for the backlinks is a must. For example, I own a forum called Geek4ums, with barely any backlinks, but a PR of 4. But the backlinks I DO have are very high ranking ones.

  2. I needed a bit more info. Let me check it out.

  3. it appears to be quite useful but a little complicated in it’s usage which would negate anyone actually using it. IMHO.

  4. This sounds like a really interesting concept for Mozilla Firefox. It basically allows you to search in multiple search engines and saves a lot of time. It is also available for Internet Explorer and Safari although Firefox is recommended.