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Digg WordPress Plugin | Use WordPress as a CMS

Resources for Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing, and everyday online activities from Sante – July 5th:

  • Use WordPress as a CMS – Plugin per WordPress – Plugin designed for multilingual blogs and bloggers, it allows you to separate categories into language groups – ideal for those multilingual bloge and bloggers and more in general finds applications amongst WordPress enthusiasts interested in using WordPress as a CMS (Content Management Systrem)
  • digg IT – The Digg WordPress Plugin – By installing this plugin, it allows your visitors to easily submit your stories to digg, the popular social news networking website, or vote for your articles by "digging" them if they have already been submitted. Installing and customizing is easy.

2 Replies

  1. Thanks for this great plugins!

  2. MeHype

    This plugins is a very big help..Easy submission for digg and the plugin for multilingual bloggers in wordpress will be a mjor advantage to all marketers out there.