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Google PageRank, Do Follow, I Follow, Nofollow, Google webmaster guidelines

Resources for Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing, and everyday online activities from Sante – June 5th:

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  1. Thanks for the great links.

    The Smashing Magazine ‘exposé’ on PageRank especially makes very interesting reading, and I’m looking forward t their promised PDF version of that article. Worth a download, I think.

    I wonder how much human effort, research, and “man hours” are spent in trying to unlock the secret of Google’s PageRank. A staggering figure I’m sure. 🙂

  2. Hi Samir,
    I think we have reached a point where Page Rank and technical issues are becoming more of secondary importance, and it is more rewarding to concentrate on the website and all external factors that help build 2 fundamental factors: popularity and reputation – the rest is just noise.

  3. i suppose is more useful to everybody to be dofollow

  4. Jaisy01

    😀 nice blog, about Page Rank this good archive

  5. Great compilation, made me switch to do-follow a while ago. Blogs should generally spread the link-love, the social web can’t live without it!

  6. make a pound

    I am not a do follow but think its some thing I will look in to.

  7. Here’s the big thing about SEO. If you want to rank highly on the search engines you need two things. A load of links and relevant content. Obviously you need to do the simple things like having your heading tags placed correctly, your meta tags filled out correctly and things like that. However, once you get that right, it’s all about the links.

  8. I think SERP is important and PR is also important, I used to focus on serp but the last google update has de-indexed many web pages all over the web due to lack of PR

  9. if you want to make your blog a dofollow, I would moderate the comments or delete those spammy ones at least to retain the blog quality.

  10. I always go for most dofollow links, as nofollow seems to be of less value to google. Other search engines dosn’t really care about it, but google seems to love it. As google is the market leader i ofcourse try to make my sites for them.



  11. thanks review is good. useful links

  12. Betting

    I think PR is not so important, its all about SERP and that’s what makes money. I’ve seen sites with PR5 and only 5000 UV a month.

  13. Tulip Whiskey Glasses

    PR only determines how quickly your site is crawled. The higher the page rank the more often your page will be crawled by Google bots.

  14. Nice compilation, thanks for sharing pal 🙂

  15. Nice list…. but unfortunately i don’t understand point number 3. It’s written in what language? Italian i think. Anyway thanks a lot for sharing. Very useful… Once again, thanks a lot!!