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Plugins and Resources for your WordPress Blog

WordPress Blogging Platform: Useful Resources and Plugins for your WordPress Blog

Resources for WordPress – Plugins and Search Engine Optimization tips for Web Marketing, or just everyday work from Sante:

  • WordPress Plugin – List Subpages With Descriptions – The function of this plugin is to list a WordPress Page?s subpages in an unordered list with a description of each one.
  • RB Internal Links WordPress Plugin | Blog Random – The internal link plugin allows blog owners to easily link to posts and pages within their wordpress blog without having to enter the full URL. Use wiki style tags to define a link when writing a post the sites permalink structure is maintained. The wiki
  • WordPress United  – WP-United is an integration package that glues together phpBB, the leading open source bulletin board, and WordPress, the popular blogging tool
  • QuickPost WordPress Plugin – Inspired by the’s bookmarklet which allows users to quickly and easily post to their Tumblr blog, This plugin allows you to quickly post text, images, photos, quotes, and videos to your WordPress implementation.

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  1. Not sure if you are interested but thousands of totally free images at

    would be good for templates/ blogs etc

  2. very helpfull list of plugins thanks.