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WordPress Search and Replace plugin, Google Gdrive, Gmail Hacks, RSS Subscription pligins for WordPress

Useful WordPress Plugins, Resources for Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing, hacks for everyday work from Sante:

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  1. patty

    Thank you! These updates were very useful for me.

  2. Thanks for the Gmail disk drive link. I’m not sure I want them to have my stuff, but it’s a great idea for short-term storage

    Thanks 🙂

    , Mike

  3. Link-a- dink is really slick. I’d never heard of it before…

    It’s sort of like Alinks, but much simpler, and I can see it being very handy for affiliate sites.


  4. thanks for all the info for the plugins, this is why wordpress is number 1

  5. Astuces Adwords

    Thank you for information. Google changes so much that it is hard to understand everything.

  6. The Link a Dink plugin is very useful I use it on a couple of my blogs to create links.

  7. Web Design Liverpool

    Excellent post thanks for sharing, very useful indeed

  8. Nice post and thanks for plug ins.