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Novità sui Risultati Supplementari di Google

Novità sui risultati supplementari di Google

In un recente post sui risultati supplementari di Google avevo individuato una possibile terza categoria di risultati proposti da google, che venivano proposti senza una ragione apparente. Succedeva infatti che, sfogliando le pagine dei risultati e passando dalla prima alla quinta o la decima, appariva il fatidico messaggio che annunciava la presenza di risultati supplementari.

Però, da un esame dei risultati delle SERPs, non era presente il tag Risultati supplementari che distingueva le pagine principali dell’indice da quelle di serie B (incluse nell’indice supplementare).

Da Google Webmaster Central arriva una informativa che chiarisce costa sta succedendo: in pratica è un problema software che è stato individuato e verrà risolto.

Si legge da Webmaster Central:

Historically, Google has avoided showing pages that appear to be duplicate (e.g., pages with the same title and description) in search results. Our goal is to provide useful results to the searcher. However, with a site: command, searchers are likely looking for a full list of results from that site, so we are making a change to do that. In some cases, a site: search doesn’t show a full list of results even when the pages are different, and we are resolving that issue as well. Note that this is a display issue only and doesn’t in any way affect search rankings. If you see this behavior, simply click the “repeat the search with omitted results included” link to see the full list. The pages that initially don’t display continue to show up for regular queries. The display issue affects only a site: search with no associated query. In addition, this display issue is unrelated to supplemental results. Any pages in supplemental results display “Supplemental Result” beside the URL.

Because this change to show all results for site: queries doesn’t affect search rankings at all, it will probably happen in the normal course of events as we merge this change into the next time that we push a new executable for handling the site: command. As a result, it may be several weeks or so before you start to see this change, but we’ll keep monitoring it to make sure the change goes out.