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New Online Textuale Browser – #browseo

browseo - browsr textuale per ottimizzare siti web

Browseo is a new textual browser my friend Jonathan Schikowski suggested I try out and provide feedback – it’s a texual browser like Lynx with some significant differences:

  • You don’t need to install browseo (you do everything online)
  • Browsing it easy and user friendly (you navigate with your mouse)
  • It allows you to identify nofollowed, onsite and offsite links

Use it and come back to leave a comment so Jonathan and his guys can make it even better!

4 Replies

  1. Hey Sante, thanks so much for your ongoing support! We need to have coffee soon 🙂

    Lynx has indeed been a great inspiration. I’m glad you find Browseo easy to use, that’s what I was hoping!


    1. Would love that … maybe some beer rather than coffe eh!! 🙂

      1. I guess it depends where we meet: Italy – coffee, Germany – beer. Oops I’m getting lost in stereotypes 🙂

  2. A quick update: some people have said they like using it while waiting in line, so we made the design responsive last night. It should work even better on mobile devices now.